He called her frigid, so she learnt to be hot

Her husband said she was cold

He said she was frigid

It affected her heart and soul

In ways she could not be consoled

At least that’s what she thought

Until someone at told her it isn’t her fault

He showed the way when treated the right way

She could be warm and put on a real display

He did it by boosting her up

And showing her love

Being caring and showing her so much

Time and attention

Along with affection

Before taking her back to his place one day

Where he showed that she was more than OK.

They made passionate love

And she gave so much

That he said she was amazing in every way

Now confidence high and armed with the knowledge

Than he did not deserve

But she wanted to show what she had learnt

And that night she took her husband up to room

And she was so hot he got burnt

By the red hot fiery passion she had learnt

And now on a day basis she yearned.

Her husband was humbled and now felt inferior

He didn’t dare ask her how she had turned

And now he felt the one who had so much to learn

Yet she did not undermine him

And she never ridiculed him

She took delight in trying to school him.

She still sees her friend for he deserved that

And her appetite for love now was large and fat

And she was greedy for what she could get

And nobody could ever accuse of being cold and frigid again.

Via:Daily Prompt: Frigid

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