The corporate establishment immortal

Big business and religious sanctimony

Governmental corrupt hypocrisy

hand in hand they all make up society

creating fear and lies and selfish piety

we are living in a time of ultimate greed

where so many crave for more than they need

meanwhile establishment figures act out scenes

of self created  and funded terrorist attrocities

they all march under one banner

and all are backed by oligarchs media

they have the system all sown up

if you’re looking for a cure to this you’re out of luck

and meanwhile the choir is singing

as the bombs are dropping in a far away land

the media distracts attention

as the fake politicians charge up the band

and tell all how we are supposed to live

in a nanny state they are now dictating

the rules of life love and health

while behind our backs they rack up the wealth

there is nothing god fearing about any of them

they are into hypocrisy lies and corruption

the church is now big business a corporation concealed

within the nature of religious appeal

where did it all go wrong, how did it get this mad

how did living in this world get so bad

that the only way to be free of and be happy

is to detach yourself from it and hide away in the country

cut off from all of society, discovering the dream of spirituality

living a life of mindful bliss and shutting out the

the rudimentary establishment shit that ruins lives.


Image courtesy of Gee Vaucher &Crass



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