Dawn of a new day

A new day is dawning

You wake yawning

You prepare for a new day

Fresh challenges in every way

Whether its dark or light

Make your future bright

Be positive in mind

Don’t waste any time.

We work, we play

We go about our way

Living impeccably

As we can in words and deeds

Be authentic and real

Don’t be afraid to feel

Don’t be cold to those around

Let the laughter be a familiar sound

Smile often, be happy

Don’t be afraid to embrace each day

With love as well as joy and peace

Make each day your release.

We learn along the way

As we work and as we play

We grow, we develop

Never be afraid to shine your light

Make your an appealing life

Live in the best way that you know is right

And be strong and stand tall

And sing your own song

For its down to you not to fall

Show the world your good attitude

Show everybody that you always choose too

Be the power in your life

And love as well as light

That heals all and will live on

Even after we’re long gone

Of which other will write stories and sing songs

That tell the tale of your life.

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