The tale of the free bird

We had a love that was very deep

But she had powerful physical needs

That I could not sate or aspire too

So we had to work out what to do

And we agreed she could fly free

Always to fly straight back to me

No cage required no guarantee

Just belief in her being trustworthy

And there was no need to lie

Because we shared the experiences all the time

Openness they call polygamy

Diverting from the monogamy

Practiced by the rest of society

But we were adverse to being unique

Cherished our belief in being free

Two spirits in twin flame love

This was more than enough

To sustain us through anything

And I wanted her to be so very happy

She in return respected me

For allowing her to spread her wings

And find the physical requirements she needed

But returned saying no one came close to matching the feeling

Of love that she felt for me

This physical act was just satisfying

And desire and a need

Like an itch that needed scratching

And she found it easy to be detaching

After the event and though some tried latching on

She flew away into the night

Like a beautiful bird in flight

She never used no one

It was always agreed beforehand

But a woman who fly free

Embracing her needs

Is always more desirable to those

Who to hold on and take control

Many would have kept her In a cage

But she never let them she always flew away

And back to me where she felt loved and free

And where I was always pleased to see her returning beauty

As she glowed with amazing light for me.

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