I struggle on

Cut down

Cut back

Stuck in a rut

Every time

I see the light

After waging

A fight to survive

I find myself

Shaking my head

Another blow

More tears to shed

My life of Job

Has not finished yet

I find myself

Poor and in debt

And work is hard

And I do my best

Yet it accomplishes

Nothing and yet

I continue the struggle

To get by each day

And it’s a harsh life

I have to say

Nothing goes right

Or falls into place

No good fortune

Ever comes my way

I guess that’s how

It’s supposed to be

This learning process

Of conscious reality

That is teaching me

The value of life

In a difficult way

Forcing me to find

My creative display

But even then it seems

To be a dead end

But I will push on

Until the end

For in this hard life

Its the only thing

That really makes

My heart sing

Apart from my family

Who are the entire

World to me

For who I would do

Almost anything

I’d like to one day

make them proud of me

So that when I am gone

They’ll tell stories of me

Of how I fought life

And somehow achieved

A life of love and light

Through the discovery

Of spirituality

And the uncovering

Of my potentiality

Through embracing

Myself creatively.

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