Silhouettes and shadows

Silhouettes and shadows

cast by moonlight and the sun

images of life within the light

and does no one

ever day dream anymore

of how blissful life could be

in a world so wonderful

as this earth truly is

and does no one ever dream

anymore of peace and harmony

humanity in a flux of continual peace

does no one day dream anymore

of an earth fully restored

of it’s environmental ecology

with clear blue clean seas

and tree dominated vedency

does no one ever dream no more

of no more extinction of any species

Silhouettes and shadows

now a once forgotten dream

that’s all that will be remembered

of our humanity

when we are long gone

and this paradise is healed

and all the wonders of creation

have all been restored

to the default setting that was Eden

a place of creations greatest dreams

almost ripped asunder by mankind

living ignorantly and destroying everything

casting Silhouettes and shadows of fear upon the earth

Silhouettes and shadows destroying so much more

than humanity was ever worth

and now that it’s now gone to dirt

this earth will breathe again.

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