The nature of man

What prey tell is the nature of man

Is it to enslave, oppress and cause genocide

Or is it to love to share and to unite

It’s hard sometimes to tell

As the signs are written on the wall

Of man’s inhumanity to its fellow man

It seems at times like that’s it plan

Yet why would it actually be in truth

If we’ve been given the opportunity

To love, care, share and be kind

If we’ve been shown the way to evolve and unite

A way to transcend this life

To understand both wrong and right

That means we have the right to choose

So the nature of our humanity

Is up to me and you

To define as we wish in a way that is true

To our authentic state of being

Whatever it is we believe in

Living in darkness and bereaving

Or living in light and immaculate believing.

11 thoughts on “The nature of man

  1. Good write. I do wonder if we have in fact been shown a path to transcend our place within this material realm (and if so why we consistently fail to undertake it) or if we are merely deluding ourselves.

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