Data stealers

Shadowy government agencies

Monitoring your data and reading your messages

Keeping and eye on all that you do

Companies who have no compunction too

Do what it’s set up to do

Mess with the likes of me and you

You may say that I am paranoid

But that does not mean this is not true

They are keeping tabs in truth over everything

And over everyone who disagrees with

And that has a different point of view.

The Internet was a tool

Set up to provide unlimited resources for me and you

But it all went so wrong

Used and abused by criminals and governments

A tool for spying on me and you

A tool to steal our privacy and id’s

As away to exploit and control me and you

And these claims you may think wild

Doesn’t mean that they are not true

They’re reducing the rights, liberty and freedom in truth

By doing all that they do

Then con you into believing

They are protecting you

And that everything they do is for the good of you

This is a bare faced untruth.

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