The shame of our sentient state

The pride that comes from ego

And the prejudice from ignorance

Sees humanity in a hole

Created by its own arrogance

It will not work in consciousness

To evolve and to transcend

It simply wants to fight itself

In a selfish battle of greed and hate

Reflections of its flawed state

Transposed and manifesting in toxic waves

Negating positive frequencies

Through their unawakened brain

The illusory drains

Their ability to retain

Any sense of love, peace and compassion

Which is why this earth they are trashing

Like mindless zombies

Feeding off the flesh of this earth

And inflicting so much self hurt

And I find quite embarrassing

That a sentient race keeps clashing

With its own ignorant flaws

That ends up in so many wars

And refusing to march toward

A paradigm shift that may just save us all.

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