Self belief

When morning breaks

And a new day beckons,

Remember to treat yourself well

Cast aside self doubt

And don’t allow,

The thoughts of others to bring you down,

For you are so very capable

Because when you believe in you,

Then you stand tall

Among a sea of toxic negativity

But your light that shines so bright

Reduces them to their knees,

For in your eyes you see they’re not worthy

Of judging you and so believe me,

The power of your own self love

For them will always be too much

And you will one day leave them all behind,

As you fly because they don’t define,

Who it is you are,

You’re a shining star,

You can decide who you are

Not who they wish you to be,

Because its your self belief that sets you free,

Believe in what I say you are amazing,

And can do anything.

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