Star seeds

Star matter

That’s what we are

Travelled here

From a far

To find this

Garden paradise

To live out and

Enact spirit lives

So how is it

We do not learn

How is it

That this earth burns

Why is it our

Poetry bleeds

Of all of our

Inhumanity to man

And about the fact

We fail to understand

The ecology

And other species

Are not here for man

To destroy, exploit

And plunder at its will

But we have the time still

To learn, evolve

And put things right

Finally understand

Our plight

Which to learn and grow

Transcend and evolve

To higher frequencies

Of spirit life

By living it just right

Or we are destined

Simply to carry on

Reincarnating and

Repeating the same wrongs

Until everything and us

Are finally gone

And as star seeds

We can no longer carry on.

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