Me defined in small part

Visceral me

With my passionate needs

To write just how I feel

Not trying to write

Through literary studies

Intellectual that’s not me

I talk about what makes me bleed

What Stimulates me

Induces me to continue to breathe

An honest vision of what I see

The ongoing fight for equality

A quest to spread a message of peace

That us so very dear to me

To resonate love

Through my spiritual belief

To break out of mundane society

To be weird, to be crazy,

To be compassionate and kind

To travel my universal conscious mind

In a search of discovery about creation divine

To be openly manifesting the sublime

Within the frequencies of existential confines

Of self rule and authority

Rejecting the social norms

Defeating all aspects of domestication

To use words of truth impeccably

To learn that even those trying to poison you

Don’t do what they do meaning too

So don’t take it personally they can’t control

What it is they do as they are simply tools

Of a system and environment lacking soul

That requires a nanny state overload

That judges my simplistic words

As not good enough

And scoff at the notion of light and love

Scared because I don’t care enough about how they feel

About what they have to say

And their so called intellectual ways

Of pen in one hand dictionary in the other

Where as my words are heartfelf

Created from my authentic mind and soul

A repeated story that needs to be told

For my integrity can’t be bought or sold.

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