Reckless living

Wasting life on booze and drugs

There was a time I was young

Over indulged in the way of booze

Drugs isn’t something that I used

But I left that behind to live my life

But some never do they simply rely

On booze and drugs to get them through

Unable to control what they do

Some because they have real issues

Others because they are too ignorant to

See this life of temporary highs

Is a waste of a good life

Acting up like they’re the man

Strutting around as if they life in command

Truth is they don’t ever see

They’re victims of a society

That promotes and encourages

This reckless living

With the show you see on your TV screens

Next thing you know life’s passed you by

And you realise you wasted your time

But addiction has now got you under control

No job, no family and no home

Sofa surfing living in different places

One step from the streets

And joining the desperate faces

That you see huddled in the doorways of the high street

This is no place to be

Or end up in prison or maybe dead

All for the thrill of getting off of your head.

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