Tunnel of despair

I am in a tunnel of eternal night

looking for some form of light

a tunnel of eternal misery

it’s a tunnel filled with saddness

that is the cause of all my madness

it’s the that torments me and makes me bleed

bleeding tears of desperation and pure excrutiation

from the pain in which I find myself imbued

and if I could fiend a way to create some light some day

maybe I would somehow get out of this place

that is full of isolation in a place of seperation

I cannot seem to get my heart and mind

to find a unified connection,

they’re broken down in different sections

and left me in place of conscious abandon

and if I can find a spark I may put an end to the dark

and the exit to the tunnel I will see

and my hope will be restored to the point of self belief

that one day I will escape and gain my long awaited

and overly anticipated relief from all this pain and misery.


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