Room to love and breathe

I see her looking awesome in her super skin tight jeans

He crop top showing her tanned satin skin

Her curves that are faultless and amazing

Her long beautiful hair like silk gently blowing in the wind

She is the most honest and wisest person I’ve ever met

She lives in the present has no time for regret

We are connected but what she likes the best

Is I never tie her down or placed in a cage

I’ve never been jealous, possessive or shown rage

Anytime she’s gone out flying high and free

Having a good time with or without me

I would very let my ego destroy this

I will never try to own her and she appreciates it

She can do as she pleases I just desire her to be happy

Within me there is nothing I know that is lacking

So I know because of how I am she always returns to me

We are both twin flames and I know that she loves me

I know others desire her and sate her curious ways

No wonder because she puts on a marvelous display

But what we have is deeper than anyone can believe

We have a connection where we both have room to breathe

I respect her right to freedom

And to share her awesome beauty

You may say it’s crazy but it why she vows to always be with me

And that’s enough for me to be happy for life eternally.

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