I am not what you see

I remember my younger days,

never seen dressed in anything other than black,

an anti fashion statement,

right up until it became the fashion,

I don’t do uniforms

it’s just another way to conform,

so an Anrcho-punk I was,

did not always look like you would have thought

I would look

and some people said to me,

‘you are not committed obviously’

I asked why because I don’t always spike my hair,

or always wear bondage gear,

I said that’s your perception of how I should be

but what you think, has nothing to do with me,

you know nothing about me

and I am not a victim of fashion,

the way that I feel is within

not the way I am dressing,

I don’t care to be identified

why should I accept your confines

and why should I dress how you say

I will live life my own way,

I will not be labelled, I will not be boxed,

I am individual so thanks a lot

for your views,

a slave to fashion and movements are you

I wont dance to that tune,

I am existentialist in truth,

living a life that’s self governing

and responsible to no one, not even you,

I’ve adopted a position of self rule,

so please don’t judge me on things that I do.

2 thoughts on “I am not what you see

  1. I’m no slave to fashion trends either. I wear whatever I like. And I don’t think you need make up to look good. This is a nice piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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