Your game

You push me away

But then give me them eyes

The come hither looks

And I fall despite

Knowing as you draw me in you’ll push me away again

Is this part of your game

You encourage me to come to you

And if I show self restraint

You get angry and go insane

So I give in once again

Then as I get close as I close in

You push me away

And resist my play

I get frustrated by your games

I get tough and I become more forceful

This is something that you love

But it’s not me to be like this

And so I back away again

And this makes you made

You call the shots

When I come on strong then you get hot

You want domination

And then you do not

Accuse me of treating you rough

You want the power

You have the strength

You have me dancing on strings

And coming back time and again makes no sense.

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