Loss no longer pains me

Loss used to tear me apart

Make me feel like I’d had enough,

It gave me great pain

That I believed would remain for always

But now I think in a different way

Now loss doesn’t leave me in such pain,

At first I worried I’d become immune in some way

Until I realised it wasn’t the same,

I just finally understood death is not the end,

It’s just a sign of new beginnings

Now I no longer fear for the living,

I no longer fear death

And when my time comes,

I will smile and shake him by the hand,

For there is nothing to fear

As we seek a new start,

And new existence

Playing a different part,

So now I no longer suffer or grieve

I just bid them farewell

And praise their release,

I am in no hurry to find out what lays beyond

But I no longer suffer from the depression,

That so many do when their loved one past

But those I lose remain forever in my memories and my heart.

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