I hear screams of despair

I hear screams of pain,

I search around from place to place,

Only to find nothing

Did it come from outer space,

As it filled my head and my everyday,

I searched and I hunted

Trying to find anything

That may explain this

But everywhere I looked

And everyway I turned,

Nothing seem to come to light

And I started to yearn,

For the solitude and quiet

Away from all these screams,

Was it a nightmare?

Was it a dream?

Then one day I turned to someone

And asked them to help me

And they asked why I didn’t know

It is me that screams,

For all of the despair

And all of the pain,

Is what is deep within in me

And that I am going insane,

Then along came the people to lock me away

And now I find myself in psychiatric cell

Living every moment in my very own hell.

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