Breaking down division

We live in a world of so many ethnic divides

The future is in trying to unite

Healing the damage trying to make things right,

The colour of your skin or your belief

Makes you in no way different from me,

It’s nothing we see when we are kids

It’s something our parents and peer group taught,

To fear anything you don’t understand

But I for one think if we all join hands,

We can connect in every land

And work on a new manifesting plan,

Where as ordinary people we cast away the hate

Sing with one voice and cast discrimination away,

Build societies in better stronger displays,

Where all lives matter and we are all colour blind

It’s not that any longer that defines,

Just the kindness and compassion

That flows through your heart,

Is it not about time we give love, peace and unity a chance

And rediscover the humanity in you,

People are all unique and individual

And that the honest truth,

So we are all different in our own little ways

But let’s not make this be a cause for discriminatory hate.

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