Evil is as evil does

Evil is as evil does

Hides within our fear and lust,

Resist the demons we surely must

That lay within all of us,

Just like love and the light is within

So is the evil of all human beings,

We have to find a way to cast it out

Rid the darkness from our lives,

It’s a duality that within feeds

A sense of foreboding that makes us bleed,

The source of our addictions

That force us down on our knees,

Attacks us at times when we are vulnerable and weak,

Evil does that which we allow

Suckling on the teat of the demonic sow,

So depraved and insanely crazed,

Evil needs to be banished to whence it came,

It’s a cause of our night terrors

And defines our fears,

Leaves us in pools of our own tears

And on your deathbed as you near,

The point of death it will whisper in your ear

That you are now to be evils slave,

Inflicts images of you being dragged from your grave,

To the brimstone and fire of a suffering that’s great

But the same thing keeps happening day by day,

It’s all an illusion caused by your own mind,

Your deep sub conscious working overtime,

Just hold on and heed and focus on the light,

Cast out this distraction

From out of your sight,

It’s a battle we wage everyday as we hear the lies,

So gird your loins and see the truth and be inspired

And know that good and evil is part of me and you,

And is defined and manifested in everything that we do.

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