Suburban life


Brick built box

In which you dwell

Suburbia dream

Or suburban hell

Sometimes hard to tell

You’ve a desire to scream

A need to yell

But you don’t

Instead you wash your car

You mow your lawn

Fitting in to societies norm

Domesticated like this

Since you were born

Numb in head

Dead within soul

Bought the life you were sold

Like the artwork on your wall

Knew nothing about it at all

Bought it because you were told

It’s what everybody craves

Then one sad, cold, lonely day

When sitting in you little brick prison

You suddenly realise something is missing

You bought the package deal life

A waste of living

A self inflicted crime

Never sought to find what’s inside

An individual spirit

That cannot be denied

A potential there for your light to shine

That you decided

That you should hide

To live the perfect acceptable life

As deemed by society

As it defined

Sold your life and sold your mind

For the pre packaged material lifestyle.

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