Bleeding out

I bleed out the pain of this modern age that’s so unbalanced

So much inequality, greed and poverty that’s obvious

Yet not enough people seem to want to manifest change

So it just continues on and I hear the silent stifled rage

Of those who feel the hurt and those that feel the pain

So I have to bleed it out form them

This I see as my aim

To get a message out there that humanity should be shamed

That half the world has more than enough

And half the world starves and sleeps rough

Where is the balance and equality

People are to focused on greed and their own needs

And to know that people live hard lives of misery

Makes me bleed out a voice that is a plea

To help bring about a change in this we see

Where innocent people are no longer oppressed

Killed in wars with no great cause

Where abuse is happening behind close doors

Let’s bleed it out in a message love

Let’s get in touch with our compassion

And start doing the right thing as humanity

And make all lives matter in the end

And make everyone’s life worth living

Each day.

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