My place of solitude

I sit quietly in solitude

In a place no one knows but me

It’s a place of invisibility

It’s a place of luminescent light

There is a warm glow there that welcomes me

It gives me peace from all the noise and chaos of reality

It is a place of many landscape scenes

A place outside of the matrixes illusory

It’s a place I love too seek

Where words are not needed and nothing speaks

A place of stillness where I can reach

The mindful state and inner peace

That I often crave to be

When life, as it often does, assails and assaults me

In truth it helps me reaffirm my spirituality

This place is love

This place is home

This place in which I will grow old

This place of warmth

This place of peace

This place I found exists

Within side of me

Created and defined by my own

Existential conscious reality.

12 thoughts on “My place of solitude

  1. Beautiful and always your poems have so much depth in them, Tony. Very nice. A quick question if you do not mind I have never seen you commenting on any of my work, not sounding rude but it feels nice to receive comments from bloggers who write amazing posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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