Notable exception

I live in a world so hard

When money is tough to come by

I live in a world where to few people care

But the notable exception is you

I live in a world of so much fear

A world of competition where people elevate

Themselves on a pedestal just to be seen its true

But the notable exception is you

And in world that appreciates very little at all

Where social media has become a playground for fools

No longer used as the greatest research tool

The notable exception is you

In this place where people cheer on those going to war

In a place where envy is rooted at its core

Where people don’t grasp the concept of love no more

I know this does not comply to you

Because you’re the notable exception it’s true.

Via: Daily Prompt: Notable

13 thoughts on “Notable exception

  1. FC, I am tiring of the “people shenanigans”. So much of what I witness just online alone, well, I will welcome death at my door when that moment arrives. As horrible as that may sound, I am still looking forward to escaping to Ireland soon, to sit in a meadow green by an ocean serene! I am through with poetry. It seems that the only poetry that people care to honor is the negative, and the lure of some old romantic. I came here this afternoon to rest easy on your words. I had peace until I saw hatred raise its ugly deliberate head and reassure me that nothing ever changes and never will! Thank goodness I live in the forest where a beautiful reminder remains tranquil and continues to whisper all that could have been! Love your poetry! And I will continue to read your truths. 🙂 Peace be your understanding always!

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    1. I know what you mean, poetry focus to much on being broken, sad, angry or brokenhearted. We need to focus on love, happiness, peace, light and joy. By doing this we will manifest it.


      1. There is so much intentional hate and deceit by young and old! The youth, I wonder why, and at a tender young age to know and feel so much hatred, where does it all stem from!?

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      2. Yes! I know what you have written here is true.
        … it is the fact that through generations of life,living, man(un)kind has yet to learn how to be a better species. That hurts me the most! It is the fact that it never ends! I am very good at ignoring ‘deliberate’, I just have a hard time in my living understanding why it is a delightful action for far too many souls!! Such a waste of life energy to prosper as we should?

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      3. I know what your getting at. Mankind never seems as a species to evolve past its brutal nature and prides itself in that attribute. I thinks power and hate and strength through violence makes it stand out as the highest ranking species but the truth is we will never be living this way. As a more evolved and awakened soul its difficult for us to bear living around it and suffering as a result of it.

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      4. Yes love…I worry so very much for the young, they have a right to know their excursion through the natural process of growing? Today’s lack of control has already added to their normalcies of feeling inadequate. It has not been an easy jouney to reach my soul revival, though I do wish this truth for everyone. Life can be a warm and safe journey to an extent. Love.

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