I won’t let you affect me

I try to be an affable guy

I star gaze up to the sky

Every effort to be nice

Is met by cynical despise

So I sit and watch the moon

And I think how it would be

To live out all my dreams

Without worry what you think about me

And it would leave me apoplectic

If I cared enough about

Your judgemental views on me

But with the universe above

I know it doesn’t matter what you think or what you say

No I will live my life in my own way

In authenticity I will feel complete

In my spirituality I will reside in bliss

Under the stars so bright

Underneath moonlight

Lost within the universe

I know that you cannot hurt me

No you cannot affect me

And all your views and judgements about me

Can never change who I am or what I choose to be.

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