Who will be the harbinger of a new order

Who will see the signals and the approaching vision

That lifts up our humanity and starts it evolving

That unifies and breaks down boundaries

And ends all man made divisions

Never have people craved so much

To place themselves inside a box

To label themselves, to explain themselves

To seek an identity that’s external

Then trying to define this action as having discovered what’s internal

And for a short while they play act this role for all else to see

But the destiny that manifests you see

Is growing awareness and being existentially free

In this we find truth in ourselves

As spiritually conscious human beings

And this gives us all the ability to become harbingers of light

And see the new order coming and an end to the illusory might

We will cast aside distractions and focus just simply on love

And live a life of inner peace and knowing that this living is enough.

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