The phone call

She was sitting and talking on her phone

To a guy that she had barely known

Her husband was watching TV which was the focus of his life

And she felt such an abandoned wife

Her and this guy got talking about life

About relationships and how her husband doesn’t try

He said he sensed the shame of this

And he would always do his bit if he was him to keep her satisfied

And as they shared details of what it is he’d do

She started feeling naughty and so rude

And as he spoke about the sensual things

Her hands started wandering

And before she knew it

Her fingers started to do do it

To wander over her pleasure zone as she talked upon the phone

She confessed to this guy she was being rude

So he guided her through just what to do

And from in the other room

She got her heart rate racing

Felt blood coursing and her pulse it started throbbing

And as she felt the touch

Through her clothes it got too much

And quietly she moaned and groaned for more

And even though there was an open door

She didn’t care any more

As she raised to desire and passion to its peak

And now she found herself unable to speak

As her breathing now was heavy

And her rhythm now was steady

She reached a very pleasurable climax

And as her body writhed and twisted

And she was hot and sweaty

Her husband was just focused on the match

As she shuddered to a moment she would not forget

And the guy said it would be for the best

If next time he was there

And she said yes and she would bet

Her husband wouldn’t notice or even care

But they agreed they’d find out.

2 thoughts on “The phone call

  1. It is a very “Stormy” story. However, the energy that is previous to the incarnation of activity, Is the ‘aliveness’ we all Are. ‘Aliveness’ really means right Here and Now. It cannot be in the past and/or the future. “Aliveness’ Is always happening and never noun-ing.
    And thanks for being such a good reader. My gratitude to you. Daddy’O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree. Each present moment is all that matters. What’s past is gone, what comes next may not happen so is irrelevant. Here and right now is living either side of that is nothing. Live in each moment within the now.

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