Stars and trees

I find myself looking at stars and trees

Wondering just how creatively

Nature and the universe can be

And the knowledge of self discovery

To be as sparkling as the stars

And as rooted as the trees

To light up the night or sway during the day

Irrespective of everyone and everything

To be happy simply residing

In nature and the universe connected to all things

Playing their roles and understanding

That as a collective we are stronger spiritual beings

But on our own we can feel neglected

Feel insecure and insignificant

Feeling the reality of the conscious nuances

From being disconnected as well as alone

I long to be part of everything that’s known

All the things we share in common is being creation born

Formed from energy derived from light

We are part of the matrix of creations far sight.

4 thoughts on “Stars and trees

  1. Man kind has steered off course and it has been far to long to ever find our way back? The stars are waiting for our return. The stars show us constantly about the beauty of togetherness. I appreciate your constant concern, and messages! Thank you Fauxcraft!

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  2. We may not feel like we are connected anymore but one thing i do know is that were all connected to nature and the universe in all it’s glory of stars and colors and flashy lights

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