In our own little bubbles

We live in our own little bubble

Dealing with our own little troubles

Unaware of the fact that many share our own problems

Blind to the fact that they are smaller than we believe

That we all share similar stories

That we can overcome through unity

Standing against authority who impose these issues on you and me

Driving us into debt and financial insecurity

With the low paid jobs for those who work in the caring communities

Meanwhile others are homeless and many are starving

But in our little bubble nothing is as dear to you and me

As our own little predicament

But the truth is those above look down on us

From wealthy jobs founded around money and greed

And while forcing us down on our knees

Are laughing at the likes of you and me

Sipping champagne doing as they please

Knowing that we will not unite and get wise and put up a fight

And solve the problems that cause our troubles

Like popping our little bubbles

And bringing about equality

To better the lives of both you and me.

Via:Daily Prompt: Bubbles

6 thoughts on “In our own little bubbles

  1. So many, including me, are in struggle and try to stand beyond suffering, trying to overcome such immense challanges.
    This poem touched me deeply and has such purpose to a heart in need. Thank you…Namaste’

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