The tale of the shadows

The dark night lit up by just a barrage of flickering neon signs, a figure moved in the shadows, I saw it out of the corner of my eye and tried to focus on the figure while slowly walking over cautiously, nervously. The figure just stood still now as if trying to blend into the darkness, yet as I got closer I could make out the shape of what appeared to be a person, I spoke hesitantly, ‘are you OK? Are you in need of help at all?’ the only response was silence, as I got closer I saw the figure was wearing a cloak with a hood with its face covered. At this point I wondered if I had made a mistake approaching the shadowed figure now. Yet the figure was no bigger than me and I felt they needed help the closer I got. ‘Is everything OK?’ I repeated again, ‘it’s not a great place to be around here after dark’, a female voice replied, ‘yet here you are, do you not fear for your own safety?’ I looked at her with perspecuity, though her voice trembled slightly there was a strength there, ‘I know the area and the people to some degree and so that helps, whereas I think you are new around here and there are some here that prey on newcomers.’ There was barely a pause before she replied, ‘and that should give me reason to fear yes?’ I was starting to feel that she was not as vulnerable as I first perceived her to be, ‘maybe, but something tells me, you feel capable of handling yourself OK. If that’s the case I will be off and leave you to whatever it is you’re doing’. I felt that leaving now was the best option, however the woman spoke hastily, ‘no stay, it maybe judicious you being here’. The woman lifted her head and I saw the sparkling of her eyes that showed in each a universe of stars. She had strong narrow cheek bones that were very predominant, full deep red lips and a tanned skin, smudged with grime. Her cloak I now notice was tattered and dirty. But those strange eyes were the feature I could not explain or get away from. ‘Who and what are you?’ I asked, she just stared at me but then tilted her head to one side slightly, ‘I am from the stars, I have come here to rescue souls ready for transcendence. You have shown this quality, you roam the streets caring for homeless people and help anyone you meet in need. I am here to offer you a chance to leave this place and travel to somewhere more advanced and evolved than this’. To say I was taken aback and stunned was an understatement. I had indeed spent my time just as she had stated but how did she know this? I had dreamt of a getaway from this place, this world of endless suffering but could I just leave everything behind. What of family? What of friends? But then what of my own sanity? This was an opportunity to achieve a dream, to travel to the stars. As I looked at her I had no doubt what she was offering was real. So what to do?

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