Poseidon and retribution

The sea rocked the ship

As Poseidon with his Trident,

Stirred the sea into a tempestuous rage

As the Lord of Earth saw the dearth of respect

For nature by humankind

And in his divine magnificence,

Decided to define man as defiling that which he ruled

And that these greed based actions were blatantly cruel,

To all other species who share this world

Taken to the brink he could stand no more,

His brother Zeus allowed Poseidon to lay down the law

And show mankind there is a greater power,

As he visited upon man its final hour

As payment for the damage man wrought

And restitution was now sought,

Mankind felt itself all powerful

Now its arrogance has seen its own death,

By God’s from on high who decided humanity had failed its test.

4 thoughts on “Poseidon and retribution

  1. ♆16°♓
    Also redemption… healing. Neptune’s current transit through his ruler may indicate much in the realm of the pharmaceutical companies and medical marijuana.
    Also consider the scourge sweeping changes in the 2nd estate across the world’s power structures.
    Poseidon rules earthquakes.

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