Skewed in our views

Often our views

Can be skewed

By our domesticated conditioning

We learnt as we grew

From birth to present day

It’s always the same

Everybody telling us how to play life’s game

And we never seem to question whether any of it fits

Or if it is now antiquated idealism and archaic

Very few are willing to step out of line

Afraid to seem crazy, weird or out of their minds

So they follow like drones and act like sheep

Sleepwalking through a life of dreams

Barely understanding what living means

Just doing as their told and following the rules

Well following others orders can make you look a fool

We should live life uniquely

We should make our own rules

Be kind and compassionate

Loving and caring

Understanding we are equal

And so open to sharing

Focus on the positive

Reject the negatives

Use your own mind

And be an existentialist

Be fluid and flexible in every aspect of life

Live a life based on doing good and right

Step out of the shadows

And show your light

When you decide to do this

The future becomes bright.

Via: Daily Prompt: Skewed

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