Goodbye and walk away

Don’t come around here no more

Don’t think of darkening my door,

With your talk of violence and war

I don’t want to hear it no more,

Say goodbye and walk away

I am focused on brighter days,

Days of love and times of peace

I am living in positivity,

So say goodbye and walk away

If you’ve negative things to say,

Supporting what is clearly wrong

I live now for love not war songs,

I live to bring about a change

I fight in the earth’s name,

Protecting all that I know is good

Doing everything I know I should,

Fighting for all that is right

Shining a light throughout this life,

Keep in the darkness at bay

Say goodbye and walk away,

If none of this appeals to you

If it doesn’t make sense to you,

I can’t handle you toxicity in truth

So just walk away because I don’t need you,

Because I’ve found the love within for all that represents the truth

Of all that we need to do,

To make this life and world

A better place in which to live,

So say goodbye and walk away

Until you understand what I say,

It’s not about what you take

It’s all about what you’re prepared to give.

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