Two opposites

She had class

She had style

Born from pedigree

Yet she had a dark side

She knew how to go wild

And when it was time to party

She would lose control

Open her heart and soul

And just let herself go.

Her husband could not understand

And it made him mad

He would be filled with jealous rage

He would shout and scream

Be possessive, cruel and mean

He wanted to control her as well as everything

She wanted to do

But that was not her way

She would not be cocooned

Within a gilded cage

Or a padded cell

A life with no freedom

To her was worse than hell

She was not about to live his way

So she carried on and played her games

Two different people

Two different views

Tell me now who knew

A way to reconcile these different poles of believing

And of living

It was the way it was

They were in a stalemate

So it was no suprise when she didn’t come one day

She rang and she told him to find somebody else

For she was looking after her own mental health

And he needed to do the same too

Find someone deserving similar in truth

And so he did, for life was toxic

When he was with her

And she felt the same way

Being together was absurd.

Via:Daily Prompt: Pedigree

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