Free love

Where are you tonight

Are you feeling the love,

I just want to know that you feel the warmth

Even if its not in my arms,

I want to know you’re happy now and satisfied,

I am glad you experience life

And you explore the ride,

I have no desire to keep you tied down

Your freedoms yours to express

I won’t make you drown,

In a sea of jealousy and insecurity

I am happy as a spirit you fly free

And I am honoured you always return to me,

With a love greater than others could believe,

So I just hope that the time away feels good

Because we both know that it’s understood,

That experiencing everything in life

Is your right and my delight

So my thoughts are with you tonight,

I love the sparkle I always see in your eyes

And being honest means no need for lies,

We share a love than no one can deny

Or ever take away,

Because you fly back to me each day

For you are free and not a slave,

To our love.

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