Let yourself become infected by my love

Ask me what what I want to achieve with my poetry

I will tell you truthfully and with sincere honesty

I want to infect people with a belief

That being kind compassionate is at the root of being happy

I want to question everything that they hear and see

I want to help towards awakening in a world where people are like sheep

I want to give hope and love to all and encourage them in their dreams

I want them to know they’re greater than they actually believe

And that they can Foster real change because people united are mighty

I want to show to all how we can all become united

My blog and my poetry is followed by people of all races

They all like and all agree and to me I am united

That my message crosses boarders and breaks down boundaries

That’s why all my followers are so special and unique to me

They represent a real cross section of our humanity

From all genders, faith, colours and sexuality

I find it still hard to believe and so amazing how so many of these diversities

Can join in following my path of spirituality and conscious reality

And you too can infect people in the same way

Guiding them to positivity

And to believe that maybe we can create what’s described as utopian dream

Where humanity becomes as one and lives finally in peace

‘where is the love’ its within you as it is in me

We just have to learn to express it

And I do it through my poetry

Find and outlet for yourself and let your voice be free

And spread this infection through the world among the whole of humanity.

Via: Daily Prompt: Infect

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