Synchronicity awakening

She sat alone and confused

She had no idea what to do

Her life was in a spiraling mess

And she had become so obsessed

With the feeling of being invisible

As if she never really mattered at all

She felt as if no one really cared

And then she saw a stranger sitting there

Studying her and how she was from afar

And she felt a connection like something written in the stars

So she walked over and sat with him

And asked him what he found interesting

And he explained he was not sure

But swore that they had met before

Maybe in a different time and place

Or in a different altered state

But he could see the anguish in her eyes

And this kind looking stranger told her things would be alright

That she should keep faith and trust her own light

That she needed to follow her own heart

Do what was right for her and feel alive.

A short time later a couple of months or so

She saw the stranger again in a bistro

He said he could see a sparkle within her life

She told him how she had turned it upside down

And now was very happy

That she felt their meeting was synchronicity

And she needed to wake up

Snap out of her self indulgent state of depression

And live life in a far better way

And that now she is

Because she found her bliss

By walking away from all that was toxic

From all that was negative

And so discovered her light

And founded a brand new life

That felt authentic and right

And he saw that truth within her eyes

And was happy now because he saw she was now spiritually alive.

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