Mad science, animal pain

Hey you do you have a clue

Mr scientist what it is you do,

Inflicting brutal pain on various animal species

That barely even relate to you and me.

How many painkillers does one race need

But it doesn’t stop you using animals to test these things,

Many say they use animals to find find the cure for cancer

But just as many use animals as a guise to keep their grants.

How many cosmetics and shampoos do we need

So why do we blind rabbits to test these things,

It’s for vanity and nothing more than this

It’s sick and yet it’s still happening.

Beagles forced to smoke cigarettes yet we know smoking kills,

So why is it we persist with these experiments still.

What about animal fur that always looks better on them,

Look at Kanye West a prize specimen,

Of how no matter how rare the fur tends to be

It doesn’t change him from being inwardly ugly,

Because of his ignorance to wear fur based things.

There is no acceptable reason for vivisection in this modern age

Making animals suffer and go through torture and pain,

As our nearest relative the ape proves time and time again,

As the mad scientists expose and stick electrodes in their brains

While still conscious and alive this is so fucking cruel and insane.

Animals don’t wear cosmetics

But animals do feel pain,l

And fur looks better on them

Than those self obsessed humans who are selfish and vain,

Time to end vivisection and end the pain

Time to end this brutal insanity today.

2 thoughts on “Mad science, animal pain

  1. its not just animals but then also the “medicines” were given to help us sometimes causes more harm than good and 9 times out of 10 these pills involve death or some kind of irreversible issue if your not careful and sometimes they don’t work at all but then when some cases of alternative medicine come about your then seen as crazy but in the end you sometimes feel a bit more better.

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