Focus and balance

It’s hard to stay focused

If your mind is never still

You’ll never find your inner peace

If you don’t meditate on your will

The will to practice with your whole being

You will never find the balance

To be authentic in your living

You’ll just be living by the domesticated rules

That from you were carefully conditioned within you

That offer up your compliance

Simply to follow and not to be

The potential individual, amazingly unique

Achieving all your hopes

And living out your dreams

You will simply end up another zombie of this illusory society

Fodder for the workhouse

Fodder for their wars

Living by the trickle down theory

Eating the scraps discarded onto the floor

Of the table from which the rich eat

And where we sit begging for more

Break out of this conditioning and live by your own laws

And existential being that defines your own cause.

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