Labyrinth of the mind

In the labyrinth of our conscious minds

We get lost in quantum time

Darkness dwell deep in there

But I am not afraid of the dark so I don’t care

Because its not always evil that lives there

Sometimes there is good with this ebony of night

And I can see the stars that I create

And I will discover a path to guide my way

Through the corridors and caves

I use my inner light to find the place

Where all the answers to my questions

Wait for me without hesitation

It just requires some subtle manipulations

And the use of our imagination

So that we can expose our reality

Discarding all of the illusory

For this labyrinth is more than just a dream

Perplexed I seek to witness everything

And store it in my memories

To help me awaken consciously

And reaffirm my spiritual belief

The truth is I know that the future is deep inside me

This is what the labyrinth leads me to see

And inspires me to go beyond my reach.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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