100 years from now

I have no crystal ball

Very little perspective at all

About what the future holds

I root myself in the present

But if you asked me for my thoughts

I will explain what I think

It could surely for the human race go either way

A barren wasteland of no hope

Where people struggle to cope

The last tree is now in a museum

And people wear respirators

And oxygen cylinders on their backs

And the land is now just arid and cracked

And all the seas polluted like the earth with mountains of crap

On the other hand it could be a lot different from that.

I think we could see our future as green

Pure clean clear and pollution free seas

With abundant marine life swimming across coral reefs

Where we also witness a resurgence of trees

Where cattle farms are returned to forests

People have opted for the vegetarian option

And everywhere we look are fields of verdancy

And houses are made sustainable

Green power now rules all

Windmills and solar panels have replaced the dirty mines and pylons

And communal living has reduced man’s spread

Birth control has done its best

To man’s virus like spread

And animals have had their habitats returned

And nature is now more beautiful as far as life is concerned

Because we no longer try to control or exploit it any more

These are the routes our future could take

It could be just 100 years away

But in life, that’s just the in the blink of an eye

So we have to choose and have to decide

Have to see what life we want to define

The history of the whole of mankind.

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