I am small in comparison

I see the murals on the walls

And the paintings adorning

The ceilings of these churches and chapels,

Depicting great deeds and I then reflect on small me

How can I compete and rise up and be,

Someone who enacts change as great as enacted by these deities,

Then it comes to me

Just be who you are meant to be

And if it’s destined and ordained to be

You will get there in the end

Through the messages we send

And the kindness and love that many do not comprehend,

And we will rise us up into the heavens

Will mean we will rise up and give it everything,

That’s as much anyone can be expecting,

Just don’t be afraid to dream to big,

The universe and deities want you to reach out for the stars

And show just how enlightened you are,

Through the peaceful and compassionate person you are

Lighting up all of the dark.

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