Deeper and deeper

I dive down into the deep waters

I swim down in my dreams

Looking for away to block life out

While experiencing all the beauty

Of being down among the the marine species

Of my conscious daydreams.

I swim with no fear of drowning

Even though I cannot swim at all

The sea beckons me as if we are friends of old

I think subliminally

That I am searching for an Atlantis

A place of real dreams

Away from hard realities of life

So I swim ever deeper down

And its getting darker

I can feel the pressure pushing down on me

I feel it constricting my lungs

But no one knows I am here

So nobody can save me

Deeper and deeper where is Atlantis

Deeper and deeper beyond the point of return

I feel it hard to breathe and my heart burns

Where is the ending for which I yearned

Where is the lesson to be learnt

When I’ve no ability to think now

And yet I still don’t have any doubt

That what I seek is deeper, deeper in the water

I keep descending even though I know I ought not do

But now I am beyond the realms of salvation

My only hope is Atlantis comes to my rescue.

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