The potential of your life

In a quantum existence

We can sense the difference

Of what it is and means

To truly live

In a universe created

Within our own minds

We can heal all of our hurts

And achieve all of our potential

By controlling the fundamental

Aspects of our conscious minds

Just stop denying that it’s not all on you

Stop lying to yourself

You’re responsible for all you do

And when you awaken and see this is true

You’ll realise that you’ve been fooling you

And worrying and stressing about all the wrong things

Forgotten to laugh

And forgotten to sing

In an existence that’s eternal

We need honesty

To survive and build up our own

Spiritual dynasty among the stars

Where as energy we know just who we are

And no longer searching

Desperate to find

All the answers that you know

Are buried deep in your mind

So live your life

And live it right

And resonate your light

Before your time ends and you fly

Back to the stars.

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