She was a nice girl

She was kind,

She was compassionate

And she was refined,

A very pretty girl

She was very sweet,

Until one day

She had the chance to meet,

Her doppelganger

From the darker side,

Hair all crazy

And eyes so wild,

Vicious mouth

Spouting venomous words,

Every single sentence

Filled with a curse,

She was from another place

Of hate and pain

She was the dirty little stain,

That dwells somewhere hidden

In the shadows of a satanic place,

Which is why we need to take care

Or this side will overtake,

Everything good and righteous in us

Everything that resonates light and love,

We all have a doppelganger,

Hiding out of sight

Waiting within the shadows of the night,

So be careful where you tread

And all that you think and do,

Or your doppelganger will come after you.

Via:Daily Prompt : Doppelganger

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