Incandescent rainbow light


I see the light so bright

Like a rainbow of colours

Illuminating people

Of every culture and colour

I see a hope for all humanity

To join in together in unity

To lift the world in which we live

To higher frequencies

To help this world evolve

Into a greater spiritual belief

Encompassing one love

And working tirelessly for peace

Sharing in the kindness and compassion that we need

To make this place a better world to live and be in

One global united community

Sharing and caring in equality

I see this light and it’s dazzling me

A world of no division but of unity

Would shine an incandescent light

For all to see and put smiles back on the faces of all human beings

You can say it’s just a fantasy

But I believe and if you can do then that dream

Becomes a very real reality

Bathed in an incandescent rainbow light

Shining really bright

And setting us all free.

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