My blog, my opinion (feel free to disagree)

I speak as I see it and put my thoughts out there

I never mean any offence,

It’s just that I really care

And though I understand different cultures

Have many different ways,

There are some things that just seem wrong

Even in my open minded brain

But who am I to judge

And who am I to condemn,

It’s just this blog of mine is based upon what I see as true

In my perception and my opinion,

Feel free to disagree but do not hate me,

Feel free to say I got it wrong

But don’t let opinions shake

The connections we’ve built,

Let’s show that they are still strong

Even if we may share different opinions,

Because we come from different cultures

We each see ways of living as right and wrong

But in unity our connection should stay strong,

Though I don’t apologise for condemning that I see wrong

I still feel it important to keep the dialogue continuing on,

I still would hope the friendships we made

Will remain strong.

10 thoughts on “My blog, my opinion (feel free to disagree)

      1. Oh my gosh 😂 Glad u replied fast because this is just a dare 😂 I’m sorry 😂 But I really LOVE your post! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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