A world unbalanced


We live in a world where others suffer from privation

Forced into a situation of starvation

Yet there is enough to share among all nations

It’s only money and power that stops this from happening.

Food is the now a precious commodity

And we’ve accepted it with our conformity

So many others going without yet we continue to sate our greed

Buying and eating far more than we need

We waste more than the 3rd world eats

This seems very uncaring and so very cruel to me

So we pay the price through obesity

Rising levels of diabetes

Is this karma paying us back

For lack of balance and an unwillingness to act

Some many people living comfortable lives

Don’t want change so close their eyes

And get so defensive when you raise it with them

Say its not their problem.

We live in a world unbalanced

We live in world where too few care

We live in a world that doesn’t seem to want to change

To ensure everyone gets a fair share

Stand up for change I dare

And change the future for half the world out there.

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