I speak out

I broach subjects

Some may avoid

But we have to try

And breach the void

And speak about

Unspeakable things

And face the terrible

Awful acts and deeds

That are to horrible to appease

But to actually face

The wrongs and crimes

That people enact

Within the shadows

And the dark places

Bringing into open spaces

Of light to which all is clear

Out of the dark

There is less to fear

And so that’s why

I raise all of these deeds

So that others can see

How negative acts

Spread like a disease

And infect the heart

And poison the soul

But I offer a chance to control

Our choices within society

To simply ignore what’s going on

Which has gone on for far too long

Instead we can devise ways

To change these ways

And put an end to depravity today.

4 thoughts on “I speak out

  1. You have touched on an important subject. Fantastic! Most adults have known pain, and ridicule, etc. It is truly time to collect our composure.The ability is there. Bless your heart for caring! Simply awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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